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InfoMed Systems provides integrated and independent system solutions for asset and people protection, access control, closed circuit television (CCTV), electric fencing as well as fire Equipment, Automatic Gates, Fire Suppression and audit in Kenya.

The company's national footprint and ability to integrate various security services, combined with ongoing innovation, is a key differentiator from both local and international competitors. InfoMed Systems is committed to the principles and philosophies of the world's best practices and as a result, has a strong commitment to continuous improvement across our business. This forms the foundation of our relationships with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors.

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Informed Systems Ltd - Suppliers and Installers of Electric Fence in Nairobi, Kenya

Suppliers and Installers of Electric Fence in Nairobi, Kenya

30 Sep, 2016 3:00 PM

Installing an electric fence to residential or commercial places brings convenience, security and peace of mind at the same time.

At Informed Systems Ltd, we supply and install the best electric fences that are durable and work long enough to protect your property and your loved ones at the same time. These electric fences are usually installed on the top of mesh fences, walls and roofs to deter intruders.

Our electric fences are ideal for new installation but can also be retrofitted to add security to existing fences. Made from the international standard for electric security fencing, you don’t have to worry about its service period and installation services. We will design and fit a complete electricity security system for you when you purchase it from us.

For the supply of this reliable electric fence for your residential or commercial property, call us on +254 725 907091.

Suppliers and Installers of Electric Fences Suppliers of Electric Fence Installers of Electric Fence

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Informed Systems Ltd - Fire Alarm Systems Installation Services in Kenya

Fire Alarm Systems Installation Services in Kenya

26 Aug, 2016 10:05 AM

Warn people in your building or at home during fire emergencies with a well-installed fire alarm system with help from Informed System Ltd.

Contact Informed System Ltd to install quality fire alarm system in your business premises or home, to warn occupants of a fire outbreak.

Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable and will carefully plan your installation, ensuring that everything is installed properly and completely. Your peace of mind is assured because they check and test every system before it’s completed.

Whether you need a new system installation, an addition or an update to your existing fire alarm, we have the experience and knowledge to install the system to meet your unique needs. Informed Systems Ltd is a reliable partner with a long history of successfully installing alarm systems in homes and various institutes.

You can depend on us to install a reliable, compliant fire alarm that runs and operate smoothly.

For services call us on +254725907091 or visit us at Accra Trade Centre, Accra Rd, Nairobi.

Fire Alarm Systems Installation Fire Alarm Systems Installation Services

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Informed Systems Ltd - Security systems for both homes and commercial properties in Kenya

Security systems for both homes and commercial properties in Kenya

18 Apr, 2016 4:04 PM

Secure your home or your business premises from different types of intrusion and damage from theft to fire, with high-quality security systems from Informed Systems Ltd.

Located in Nairobi, our advanced products are affordable and effective for every of security system requirement.

modern homes and commercial properties security systems security systems high-quality security systems

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