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Your health and safety is our Priority.

Resonate Essentials was established in 2012 as a major supplier of health and safety equipment in the Kenyan market.

Established to fit the huge gap in quality affordable protective equipment for major industries has driver Resonate Essential to innovate into a leading supplier of some of the best safety brands available within the market.

With our own dedicated customer service and sales team, we deliver the highest customer experience by ensuring same delivery as well as ensuring that we hold the widest array of stocks of any safety equipment supplier in the market.

Our safety workwear is used by every major industry, from local manufacturers, multinationals as well as governmental and non-governmental agencies.

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Resonate Essentials - Which safety gloves are right for you?

Which safety gloves are right for you?

22 Aug, 2017 1:11 PM

Considering that your hands are how you get things done, work safety gloves are perhaps the most important safety accessory that you require when in the field.

Gloves protect your hands from injury and in every job, one required different degrees and levels of protection.

It is important to understand what type of safety gloves will work best within your work environment, it is not a one-fit for all solution. For example, do you need flame resistant gloves for welding or oil and gas, or do you need them for heavy-duty abrasion work such as woodwork or lumber?

Types of gloves available from us:
Chemical and liquid proof gloves
These are coated gloves that can be chemical or liquid proof or resistant.

Latex or rubber gloves
These are low-tech gloves, that are usually waterproof, they help increase gripping surface and can be used for construction, general assembly material handling, and landscaping.

Nitrile Rubber Gloves (NBR Gloves)
These are resistant to grease, oil and other petroleum-based product, as well as being waterproof (when fully coated). These gloves also increase grip and dexterity sensitivity making them well design for handling small oil or part products or parts.

PVC Gloves and Neoprene Gloves
These have excellent chemical resistant properties and frequently used for the petrochemical industry. Neoprene is perfect for industries where hazardous chemical, such as acids are used in the manufacturing process.

Polyurethane Gloves:
Strong abrasion resistance allowing for extended use. These gloves are difficult to puncture providing added protection. Although waterproof these Gloves have limited chemical protection.

Leather Gloves
These provide the maximum protection against abrasives and puncture. They often lightweight and breathable as they are made from cotton and canvas with leather palms and fingers.

Welding Gloves
These are made of leather with heat resistant panels.

Drivers Gloves:
These are thin leather gloves for general purpose. They allow great dexterity while providing added protection.

If you're looking for a professional company that specializes in Safety Glove equipment get in touch with one of our specialists and they can advise you on the best product for your business.

Electrical Gloves:
These should be used at all times when working on general electric tasks, such as elevators, electrical equipment, and appliances, emergency power systems, etc...

Examination Gloves:
Used in the medical, lab and pharmaceutical fields.

We are situated on Likoni Rd, just off Mombasa Rd, in the heart of Industrial Area. You can also contact us on: +254750888880

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