Hydrographic Survey in Kenya

26 Sep, 2018 12:32 PM

At Geoscan Consultants Company Ltd, we offer professional and reliable Hydrographic Survey services aimed at obtaining data about water depth, the shape of the sea floor and coastline, the location of possible obstructions, and other features of water bodies. This data is key in helping the marine transportation system of the country safe and functioning.

Having been in existence for so many years, our experience in the field of Hydrographic Survey is unmatched. Our team is not only well-trained, but also uses latest equipment such as Multibeam Sonar/Side Scan Sonarand Modern Global Positioning System to measure the depth and determine positions of the sea.

Our Hydrographic Survey service comes up with data that helps mariners to guide large ships in and out of ports, as well as boost Disaster Response by looking for changes in depth or debris from storms below the surface of the water that could endanger sea vessels.

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