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First Assurance Company Ltd - Insurance Company With The Best Fire Insurance Cover

09 Aug, 2016 10:19 AM

Damage to your commercial property and its assets can threaten the whole business and halt the cash flow of your business. We can help with policies that cover not only the damage loss but also the income and other expenses for that period.

At First Assurance Company Ltd, we help investors in industrial, commercial and other enterprises by providing fire Industrial insurance policy that will have them covered in the event of fire outbreak and damage of property.

Through our end-to-end solution, we cover the gamut of high-risk industrial needs, and can help customise solutions to fit your business needs. Our specialised underwriters and industrial risk specialists work cooperatively with you to offer risk management tips to help reduce incidents, and keep premiums lower.

Our cover covers damage properties damaged by fire, lightning, earthquake, explosions, riot/strikes, special perils A to H which includes hail, snow, the wind, hurricane, cyclone, tornado flood, impact, aircraft or articles falling and subterranean fire.

This policy will help manage risks, reduce the need for multiple insurers and help you to simplify your risk management programs that you may have.

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