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09 May, 2024 4:40 PM

Student Housing is very much a niche market in housing industry in Kenya. Recognizing that the single most important driver to college selection for students and parents is now the quality of residence life, EVANS ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION is among the top ranking student housing facility contractors and construction management firms in Kenya today. We team up with private developers, colleges, and universities to build student housing, both on and off-campus, that incorporate the latest features and trends in highly desirable, living-learning environments.

As the leading Student Housing Developers in Kenya, we are aware of the unique set of demands that must be met. There has been a growing student housing market trend that requires for developments to be built specifically meeting the needs of student renters. We are highly experienced in the construction of purpose-built off-campus student residences, the most attractive type of off¬ campus housing for students in Kenya.

Purpose-built off-campus student housing addresses students’ needs in ways that conventional and informal rentals do not. They offer substantial benefits not only to the students, but to their parents, to the institutions the students attend, and to the cities that host them. Here are some of the advantages:

Acknowledgment of Seasonality:
Students attend post-secondary institutions in blocks (semesters) of 4 months, which correspond to academic terms of study. Most conventional rental buildings lease apartments for a year, leaving students on the hook for the months they are not in school. Forcing them into a complicated process.

Acknowledgment of Shared Housing: Many students, to address financial constraints, try to lower their individual costs by living by partnering with other students. In conventional rentals, it means leasing a unit and then subleasing it to roommates who share the rent.

This practice places a number of burdens on the student and raises uncertainties for the landlord. If one of the roommates moves out, the other tenants have to cover that share of the rent. Purpose-built student housing rents units by the bed, rather than by the door. Students are responsible for their own rents, and all tenants within a unit are covered by the protections and obligations of the lease.

Today in Kenya, a significant portion of new apartment construction targeting student housing is a thriving enterprise in counties hosting Public and Private Universities, Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVETs), National Polytechnics, Middle Level Professional Colleges, and Village Polytechnics – occasioned by the massive support by the Kenyan government to students transiting from high school to be enrolled in an institution offering some form of skill oriented training.

Students these days want well-managed, high-quality housing. Gone are the days when overcrowded houses in student ghettos were acceptable. Students today have more disposable income, their parents are willing to contribute towards housing costs, and students are willing to share space in order to split the cost of higher rents. Students are also looking for privacy, meaning that purpose-built student housing must be designed with multiple bedrooms, with doors that lock. Kitchens must be fully equipped, and each unit should have a minimum of two bathrooms

EVANS ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION offers a multitude of services to meet the unique need of our clients. Even more important than what we offer, is how we offer it. At Evans Engineering and Construction, we run projects as if it were our own. We walk in your shoes, manage your risks, control your costs and create exceptional projects for your use.

Do you have a Purpose-built Student Accommodation project or are you interested in exploring Student Housing Development? Talk to us today!

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