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09 May, 2024 8:49 PM

Evans Engineering and Construction provides data center managers and IT professionals with an array of solutions. We are experts in end-to-end design, construction management, and facilities maintenance of all types of data centers, including enterprise data centers (the built, owned, and operated by companies), managed services data centers, collocation data centers, and cloud data centers; such as providing safe, experienced and professional data center cleaning, computer room cleaning, network closet cleaning and post construction cleaning services for small to large data centers, computer rooms and other critically sensitive areas. We BUILD, EQUIP & SUPPORT Data centers in Kenya.

The Data Center Services we offer include:
• Environmental Report With Full Service Clean
• Particulate Counts Taken Before & After Clean
• Floor Surface Cleaning
• Equipment Cleaning
• Sub-Floor and Above Ceiling Cleaning
• Post-Construction Cleanup
• Disaster Recovery
• Sub-Floor Sealing
• Zinc Whisker Remediation
• MDF/IDF Closet Cleaning

We are experts in End-to-end design, construction management, and facilities maintenance of Data Centers. We build, maintain and service next-gen data centers & mission-critical facilities that meet tomorrow’s demands, and offer best practices to help establish a Total Preventive Maintenance Programs that ensure the highest quality health of your data center or computer room.

Why choose Evans Engineering and Company?
• Low overhead, in-house talent, and long-term relationships with cutomers
• Talented, experienced, accredited, and knowledgeable in-house personnel who are committed to determining the right solution for your business
• Experience in designing and constructing data centers to meet industry best practices
• Customized solutions to meet your specific requirements
• Service technicians perform major inspections for safety, quality control, and to complete inspections efficiently
• Technician response time that is unmatched by any other organization

Don’t miss the opportunity to partner with Evans Engineering and Construction to improve your operations, economic performance, and sustainability goals. Transform your business with our data center solutions. Take the first step toward unlocking new possibilities and achieving unparalleled success. Reach out to our team of experts and power up your business today!

Our Contacts
Evans Engineering & Construction
General Mathenge Drive - Lower Kabete Road, Westlands, Nairobi
Telephone: 0714 325759

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