Essajee Amijee East Africa Ltd

Glass Manufacturers and Suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya
Lusaka Road Nairobi

Essajee Amijee & Sons Ltd was established in the late 1800’s, it has grown into the leading building glass supplier in today’s Kenyan market. We stock over 80 different styles and thickness of building glass, from clear, one way, tinted and obscure, to a variety of beveled and decorative mirrors. We also supply premium products, including curved glass, various security glass, shower doors/cubicles and more.

Over the years, we expanded our product offerings based on market demand to include a variety of glass hardware, glass adhesives and acrylic sheets. Our glass products include, Coloured Glass, Float Glass, One-way Glass, Tinted Glass, Mirrors, Textured or Obscure Glass, Safety Glass, Glass Blocks, Louvre Glass and Frames.




Essajee Amijee East Africa Ltd

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