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Electric Link International Limited is a privately owned company in Kenya, dealing with a wide range of Electrical and Mechanical products all under one roof. The products are displayed in a modern showroom strategically located in Nairobi CBD, supported by a well equipped in-house service centre with trained technicians providing timely support to clients.

Some of the electrical and mechanical products that we have in stock include workshop Equipment, Ventilation Equipment, Air Compressors, Electrical Wiring Accessories, Conventional Lighting, LED Lighting Equipment, Wood Working Machines, Fire and Safety Equipment, Welding Machines and Equipment, Electric Motors and Geared Motors, Generators, Lawn Mowers etc. All our products come in different models and they are all of a very high quality. We have built sustainable long-term partnerships with reputable suppliers, manufacturers and clients, for over 3 decades.

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Electric Link International Ltd - The Best Solar Equipment Dealers

The Best Solar Equipment Dealers

22 Aug, 2017 5:29 PM

Our Solar equipment offers the most efficient, economical and reliable power
back up for industries, office premises, schools, homes and every other
premise that need power.

Manufactured using the best materials, our solar equipment, including Solar
Panels, Charge Controllers, 12 v Lamps, Fittings and Batteries, will ensure
business in your premises goes on a usual in the event of a blackout.

We also offer after-sales services, including repair services, to make sure you get
value for money. For inquiries and orders, visit us at Kijabe St, DSM Place,
City Centre Nairobi or call us on +254 733 824414/ +254 722 552969.

Solar Panels Power Back up Energy Solar Panel Fitting

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Electric Link International Ltd - Hedge Trimmers and Hedge Cutters in Kenya

Hedge Trimmers and Hedge Cutters in Kenya

02 Jun, 2017 12:26 PM

Electric Link International Ltd are leading stockists and suppliers of tough and reliable hedge trimmers in Kenya. We also stock hedge cutters that come in various designs and sizes. In stock are both single and double sided adjustable blade configurations for homeowners and landscapers.

Depending on your choice, we have hedge trimmers that use gasoline, battery or electric power, designed with limited bulk to enhance power to weight ratio. This enhances manoeuvrability without sacrificing cutting power. Our hedge trimmer and cutter machines exhibit limited noise and zero exhaust emissions. They are made observing anti vibration technology, hence keeps hand steady when in use.

For more information on our chain of products, visit us on www.electric-link.com

Garden Tools Hedge Cutters Cutting Machines

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Electric Link International Ltd - Brush Cutters In Kenya

Brush Cutters In Kenya

05 Mar, 2017 2:56 PM

At Electric Link International Ltd, we have in stock the best Brush Cutters, which are ideal for clearing land, cutting sapling, clearing shrubs and dense undergrowth.

Our brush cutters are lightweight, making them easy to handle and use, and are also well balanced. Their chopping blades can also be easily adjusted depending on the task to ensure high performance at all times, and also work perfectly even in tough terrains. This in turn means that you will finish your task quickly and with relatively less effort.

For the best quality brush cutters, call us on +254 733 824414, +254 722 552969 or visit us at Kijabe St, DSM place, City Centre Nairobi

Brush Cutters Cutting Tools Bush Clearing Tools

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Electric Link International Ltd - Lawn Mowers for sale

Lawn Mowers for sale

10 Jan, 2017 4:00 PM

Get quality Lawn Mowers for sale from Electric Link International and make your yard beautiful and scenic.

We have affordable Lawn Mowers for sale with great features and performance. They have quality side discharge built to make it last. Our Lawn Mowers include 20’ Lawnmower with 4HP, 22’, Lawnmower with 6HP, 20” Lawnmower with 4HP, 22” Lawnmower with 6HP and A 12HP Rise on Mower.

Our Lawn Mowers BRANDS—WASP and BRIGGS & STRATTON—assures you of accomplished and confident partner. The compact design will give you excellent manoeuvrability and the vibration-damped handles make the operation ergonomic.

For supplies, get in touch with us on +254 733 824414 or visit us at Kijabe St, DSM Place, City Centre, Nairobi.

Lawn Mowers Wasp Lawn Mowers Briggs & Stratton Lawn Mowers

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Electric Link International Ltd - WASP Generators in Kenya

WASP Generators in Kenya

09 Dec, 2016 9:52 AM

At Electric Link International Limited are leading suppliers and stockists of quality and durable Wasp Generators built to provide power backup in the event of a blackout. We stock both diesel WASP generators and petrol WASP generators which come in handy especially when your business is fully dependent on electricity to function.

We have both portable generators and standby generators powered by either diesel or petrol. Our portable generators have large fuel tank size, an essential attribute especially when you have a lot of electrical equipment to power up either in your home or business premises.

Our generators are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and therefore produce low noise, vibration and even lower emissions, making them environment-friendly. The technology used in their manufacturing also means the generators are easy to use and to maintain. Which means that in the long run, using our generators saves you money.

Get a Portable or Standby generator that offers a combination of economy, efficiency and reliability for small to middle-level power need from us.

For the supply of Portable and Standby Generators, dial +254 722 552969 or visit us at Kijabe St, DSM Place, City Centre Nairobi.

Suppliers of WASP Generators Portable Generator Standby Generator Wasp Generators

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Electric Link International Ltd - Conventional Lighting Systems In Kenya

Conventional Lighting Systems In Kenya

05 Dec, 2016 12:49 PM

We at Electric Link International Limited deal in energy-efficient and sustainable lighting products for commercial, industrial, leisure, retail and educational sectors.

We provide Conventional Lighting Systems that are designed and modified for ecological lighting solutions. Our Conventional lightings last longer, are energy efficient, compact and clearer than other lightings.

We supply Conventional Lightings ranging from Battens, fluorescent Tubes, Bulk Heads, Bollards, Bulbs, Floodlighting, Highways, Streetlights, Shutter Proof Tubes and Down Lighters. They help beautify your space and transform your environment as they bring you a sense of safety and help you feel comfortable at the same time.

Decorate your outdoor and indoor lightings this festive season in your homes, hotels, buildings etc., with Conventional Lightings from Electric Link International Limited.

Visit our shops at Kijabe St, DSM Place, City Centre Nairobi or call us on +254 733 824414.

Conventional Lighting Ecological Lighting fluorescent Tubes Floodlights

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Electric Link International Ltd - Electric Link Electric Conduit Pipes in Kenya

Electric Link Electric Conduit Pipes in Kenya

03 Nov, 2016 3:48 PM

Get the best Electric Conduit Pipes from Electric Link International Ltd. Our conduit pipes are preferred for open and concealed wiring in residential or commercial premises and for other industrial purposes.

These Electric conduit pipes come in a variety of designs and sizes with the help of superior grade material made by professionals.

These pipes are durable, lightweight and flexible, resistant to rusting, temperature stability and much more. Electric Link affordable Conduit Pipe have been preferred over other available one’s in the market because they meet the precise client's requirements and are supplied after a firm testing on diverse constraints.

Make sure you install your electrical wiring systems with the best Conduits Pipes from Electric Link as you connect your electricity with safe pipes.

For your electric conduit supplies dial +254 722 552969 or visit us at Kijabe, DSM Place, City Centre Nairobi.

Electric Conduit Pipes Conduit Pipes Electric Pipes

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Electric Link International Ltd - Garden Sprayers in Kenya

Garden Sprayers in Kenya

10 Oct, 2016 10:53 AM

At Electric Link International, we supply the best garden sprayers at affordable prices. Sprayers are used for a number of purposes around the garden, including killing weeds, protecting plants and feeding plants.

Our Sprayers are of the highest quality and do not break down easily, making them durable and economical at the same time. We also provide them in a variety of sizes to ensure they can treat your garden without the need to refill constantly. The technology used is also of the highest standards, helping to reduce wastage by ensuring every last drop of fertiliser or chemical is used before refilling.

If you need us to supply you with garden sprayers, contact us on +254733824414 or +254722552969

Sprayers Garden Sprayers Suppliers Sprayers Suppliers

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Electric Link International Ltd - Ventilation Equipment in Kenya

Ventilation Equipment in Kenya

16 Sep, 2016 12:20 PM

We spend most of our time at home, office or school. Installation of a suitable and proper ventilation systems is therefore a necessity. And if our houses, offices and classrooms are not well ventilated, it means that fresh air will be scarce, affecting our health in the process. Below are other benefits of good ventilation systems.

1. Control impurities
The air inside is more polluted than the air outside therefore a good ventilation system will help expel a buildup of pollutants, bacteria, moisture and nasty whiffs such as body odour etc.

2. Air regulation
Unless you have a good ventilation system in place, you have no control of the airflow in a building.

3. Stop condensation
Condensation can lead to mould and rotten surfaces - something you want to avoid. Damp conditions and condensation can cause health issues such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems for many people. Good ventilation will help reduce these risks.

4. Reduce temperatures
When lots of people are in a confined space, the environment can become hot and stuffy. A ventilated room will instantly be more comfortable - making for a more productive workplace.

5. Health benefits
Indoor air pollution coupled with bad ventilation can lead to a number of health problems including headaches, allergies, asthma, rashes and sinusitis. All of which can be avoided with the installation of a good ventilation system.

For the supply of quality, reliable ventilation systems such Domestic fans, wall fans, table fans, ceiling fans etc. you can get in touch with Electric-Link International Ltd. Whether you need them in large or small quantities, we will deliver them to you.

Get in touch with us +254722552969 or +254206824415 or visit us at Kijabe St, DSM Place, City Center, Nairobi.

Good Ventillation Systems Quality Ventilation Systems Ventilators Ventilation System Ventilation Equipment

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Electric Link International Ltd - Geared Motors in Kenya

Geared Motors in Kenya

08 Aug, 2016 1:13 PM

Gear motors are electric motors that utilise a type of gear system on the output of the motor. This gearing arrangement is called a gear reducer or gearbox. The combination of an electric motor and gearbox reduces design complexity and lowers cost, particularly for motors built for high torque and low-speed applications. In addition, gearboxes can be used as a means to reorient the output shaft in a different direction.

At Electric Link International Ltd, we have an extensive range of geared motors that will help you find the optimal product for your needs. With our gear motors, you will benefit especially from its ability to deliver the highest level of flexibility due to our wide range of gear units, total
adaptability and compact design.

We offer a single phrase and a double phrase gear motors that not only offers variable speed and torque control required but also possess quality characteristics of reliability, ruggedness and compactness.

The operations performed by Electric Link International geared motors appear simple and effortless. However, they are highly sophisticated devices, and some units are encapsulated in housings to prevent exposure to moisture and dust.

Get all your gear motors need from the best suppliers at Electric Link by calling us on +254733824414 or +254722552969

Geared Motors Suppliers Single Phrase Gear Motors Double Phrase Gear Motors Electric Motors

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