Gastroenterologist in Nairobi, Kenya
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DR EDNA WAIRIMU KAMAU is a Gastroenterologist with many years of extensive experience in the medical field of diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases affecting oesophagus, stomach, large intestines, small intestines, pancreas, gall bladder, liver, bile duct and rectum in Nairobi, Kenya.

As a practicing specialist gastroenterologist, Dr EDNA WAIRIMU KAMAU is one of the most recommended physicians in the treatment of diseases ranging from acute and chronic pancreatitis, colorectal cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cancer, peptic ulcers, oesophageal cancer, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis A, B, C and E and to many more locally.

Conditions We Treat :

Dr Edna Wairimu Kamau offers a comprehensive range of procedures tailor-made to diagnose and treat your oesophagus, colon problems, rectal bleeding and gall bladder disorders, including:

Investigate digestive symptoms, such as:
• Gastrointestinal Bleeding
• Abdominal Pain
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Difficulty Swallowing

Diagnose or test for certain diseases or conditions, such as:
• Inflammation
• Bleeding
• Diarrhoea
• Digestive Cancers Of The Digestive System

Treat Problems in the Digestive System, such as:
• Repairing Bleeding
• Widening a Narrow Oesophagus
• Removing Polyps or a Foreign Object

Treatment of Colon Conditions such as:
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Colon cancer
• Diverticular disease
• Colonic polyps
• Other forms of Colitis

Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.00am - 5:30pm
Saturdays: 8.00am - 1.00pm
Sundays: Closed
Public Holidays: Closed

0701 114094

0722 649187


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