Dr. Thomas Otieno Obat Kwasa

Neurologists in Nairobi, Kenya
General Accident House, 1st Floor Right Wing, Ralph Bunche Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi

Dr THOMAS OBAT KWASA is a healthcare practitioner, practicing as a Neurologist at General Accident House, Ralph Bunche Rd, Nairobi, Kenya. Dr KWASA specializes in the treatment and management of diseases and medical conditions such as spine surgery, Brain and Nerve Surgery; and Interventional Pain Therapy, associated with Epilepsy, Headaches/Migraines and Seizures (as well as Non-Epileptiform Seizures).

As a specialist in the fields of Clinical Neurology, Electroencephalography and Electroneurophysiology. DR OBAT KWASA offers optimal diagnostics and therapy – through interdisciplinary cooperation, modern diagnostic tools and a holistic view of the patient. He has gained a lot of experience working for some of the busiest public hospitals in Kenya and Africa. Dr OBAT KWASA is a consultant neurologist specializing in treating diseases and disorders of the nervous system and covers the whole spectrum of clinical Neurology.

Dr OBAT KWASA's treatment options vary depending on the neurological problems; and offers services for conditions associated with:
Movement Disorder/Stiffness
Disordered Consciousness/Apathy/Alteration
Bladder Dysfunction
Double Pictures
Sensory Disorders/Numbiness/Disposition
Epileptical Attack
Erectile Dysfunction
Functional Disorder
Wait Insecurity
Memory Error
Facial Paralysis
Facial Pain
Facial Trucks
Balance Disorder
Coordination Disorder
Fatigue/Day Sleepy
Muscle Crams
Muscle Aches
Muscular Dystrophy
Muscle Trucks
Back Pain
Sleepwalk/Sleep Behavior Disorders
Snoring/Breathing Pauses during Sleep
Weakness In The Arm Or Leg
Visual Disorder
Speech/Speech/Swallowing Disorder
Clumsiness of Hands
Restless Legs
Movement Slow Down

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