Denmar Solar Systems Ltd

Solar Lighting & Power Systems, Street Lighting & Flood Lighting, Solar Powered Lighting Kits, Power Backup Systems & Solar Water Heating Systems in Nairobi, Kenya
Baricho Rd, Choices Building, 2nd floor, Suite 3B Nairobi

Want a secure and comfortable home when all electricity goes off on you? Or staying in an area with no access to electricity? Denmar Solar Systems Ltd has got just the solution for your problems.

We import and distribute solar energy for our customers in order to avoid such circumstances. Our well trained and specialized team are here to install the solar energy for your residential homes. We install solar water heating, solar lighting, solar power back-up system, street and flood lighting.

Use of solar energy reduces costs since you will be saving on costs paying electricity bills for heated water. The back-up system helps you achieve your goals in case the electricity goes off. As for areas with no access to electricity, the solar energy comes in handy and does away with lamps which one has to refill with oil every time. Be sure to be satisfied with our products and contact us so as to help you install the solar equipment for your solar energy.


Denmar Solar Systems Ltd

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