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We are a professional Accountants and Auditors. We provide comprehensive, accurate and efficient services in the following areas: Auditing, Tax Consultations and Compliance, Payroll Management, Recruitment, Project Auditing, Budget & Investments services and Consulting for Kenyan’s and international entities.

What makes us stand out from the rest is the fact that we take our time to understand our clients' businesses and products. It is through the understanding of our clients' face and key business priorities that we are able to tailor our service to solve these problems.

We help clients achieve their growth targets, improve on information systems, optimise the company's tax costs, improve processes and controls, implement the right management strategic plan.

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DeLyde Associates - Expert Project Auditors in Nairobi, Kenya

Expert Project Auditors in Nairobi, Kenya

04 Nov, 2016 10:51 AM

Delyde Associates offers the best Project Auditing Services in the country, helping to reduce risks, cost and meet the set goals.

We carry out audits of time-bound projects such as those of multilateral and bilateral company programmes, public, private sector projects and so much more. We may include non-financial audit work in this category where for example, a certain level of monitoring and evaluation reporting is required.

Our auditing services cater for different kinds of projects including construction projects and business projects.

To get in touch with us call us on +254733606747 or +254202653994

Expert Project Audit Project Auditors Project Audit Services

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DeLyde Associates - Professional Tax Consultants In Kenya

Professional Tax Consultants In Kenya

03 Oct, 2016 2:38 PM

It is important that you meet your company's tax obligations and submit all the necessary information about the same to the tax authorities on time. To help you with your tax compliance issue, consult professional lawyers from Delyde Associates Ltd.

Our tax lawyers provide a breadth expertise on tax administration and process improvement to help clients manage their tax responsibility effectively and focus on a broader strategic vision for total tax compliance.

We work with our clients to help them on increased tax compliance burden, manage the effective tax rate, VAT, corporate tax and withholding tax, process clients payroll etc. as we give advice on the right pay structure and so much more. This way, you can run your business without getting into trouble with the government

Reduce risks and the likelihoods of notices and penalties with your organisation tax compliances as you let expert from Delyde Associates help you.

For our services call us +254733606747 or +254202653994

Professional Tax Professional Tax Compliances Tax Compliances

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DeLyde Associates - Importance of Automated Payroll System in an Organisation

Importance of Automated Payroll System in an Organisation

08 Sep, 2016 11:31 AM

Automated Payroll management system is a vital part of an organisation. The payroll department is not only responsible for employees’ salaries but also play a vibrant role in protecting the company’s reputation, by ensuring compliance with various legislations.

Below are the importance of having an automated payroll system:

• Assurance of Employees
Employees need to feel assured that they can be paid on a consistent and timely basis by the company. A late and inaccurate payroll might cause employees to question the financial stability of the organisation. This might compromise on the work environment within the organisation, resulting in underperformance and ignorant behaviour towards the organisation.

• Compensation Package
Automated Payroll allows an employee to feel his net worth within the organisation. Payroll is not limited to the salary of an employee but also the bonuses and benefits. Based on annual performance evaluations, employees are typically rewarded with a salary increase or bonus, or ideally, both. This, in turn, might boost an employee’s performance, translating to a positive effect on the organisation.

• Uphold Company’s Reputation
The Automated payroll system ensures that the activities of an organisation adhere to the country's obligations and compliance. The efficiency of meeting tax obligations on time and upholding of legislative laws can further establish the organisation's reputation as a stable employer.

• Re-allocation of Resources
With all the paperwork and excel calculations that come synonymously with payroll, it can be an extremely time-consuming and manual job. Having an automated payroll system can help your organisation have accurate, precise and up-to-date payroll calculations.

A poor Payroll will affect every aspect of the organisation, from the reputation of the company right down to the morale of its employees. So come to Delyde Associates for professional Automated Payroll System.

To get in touch with us call us on +254733606747 or Visit us at Geomaps Centre, 4th Flr, Off Elgon Rd, Upper Hill Nairobi.

Payroll Services in an Organisation Payroll Services Payroll

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DeLyde Associates - The Best Accountancy Firm In Nairobi, Kenya

The Best Accountancy Firm In Nairobi, Kenya

01 Aug, 2016 12:29 PM

If you are looking for the best accounting firm in Nairobi, Kenya? Delyde and Associates is the place to be.

We provide a complete range of accounting services to a number of individuals, businesses and companies in Kenya. Each client is provided with a dedicated accounting manager whose responsibility is to ensure that the client’s requirements are met.

From preparing monthly management accounts, doing reconciliations of accounts, process online payments, prepare financial analysis, prepare annual financial statements and preparing annual budgets, we strive to be the best.

We have grown from strength to strength, moving into newer, larger offices, and collecting an impressive roster of clients, as well as having highly skilled, hard working, and above all, friendly team of like-minded individuals dedicated to keeping our vision alive.

Get accurate, timely and reliable financial accountants from Delyde Associates who will help you in all your accounting needs.

To get in touch with us dial +254733606747 or +254202653994

Reliable Accountants Accounting Services The Best Accountancy Firm In Nairobi Kenya

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DeLyde Associates - The Best Accounting & Auditing Firm In Kenya

The Best Accounting & Auditing Firm In Kenya

18 Jul, 2016 3:24 PM

It's always important to have a clear picture of the financial stability of your organisation for it to progress or make a clear good decision.

At Deldye Associates Ltd, we will help you achieve your growth targets, improve on information systems, optimise the company’s tax costs, improve processes and controls, implement the right management structure, and develop a structured strategic plan.

To ensure the accuracy of the information, our risk management team and its specialised internal audit consultants can conduct internal control assessments and reviews so that you can have a clear review of the financial health of your organisation.

Get all your financial information be edited by respected accounting and financial firm Delyde & Associates as you give your lenders and investors the confidence they need to support you.

For inquiries, call us on +254733606747 or +254202653994

Accountants Internal Auditors Taxation Auditors

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DeLyde Associates - Business Advisory Experts In Nairobi, Kenya

Business Advisory Experts In Nairobi, Kenya

11 Jul, 2016 3:34 PM

How you handle and adapt to changes in your business is one very important thing. At Delyde & Associates, we provide highly professional business advisory services to clients who need to make decisions when a business is going through changes.

Our Advisory solutions are targeted at the holistic growth and sustenance of your business and assist in managing its performance through business cycles. We provide you with integrated solutions for your business across functions that help in unlocking its true potential.

So whatever situation your business is in, our team of business advisors will come prepared, not only providing experienced business advisory services but also displaying a comprehensive knowledge of your industry and the special skills to help you assess the situation and develop a plan of action to help you thrive.

For our services get in touch with us on +254733606747

Business Advisory Services Expert Business Advisory Services

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DeLyde Associates - Investment Advisory Services in Nairobi, Kenya

Investment Advisory Services in Nairobi, Kenya

27 Jun, 2016 4:06 PM

Financial investment is the best way to secure your future financial needs like paying for your children's college fees comfortably, even after retirement.
Come to Delyde Associates Ltd and get full-service Financial Advisors who will help you solve all your investment problems and give you options that are specifically designed to fit your needs and make your goals a reality.

If you choose to take an active role in your investment activities, we’re here to help you. We take the time to learn about your financial needs and then advise you on the optimum blend of investments for your case.

For our services call 254733606747 or +254735714201

Investment Advisory Services Investment Advisory Services in Nairobi

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DeLyde Associates - Project Audit Services in Nairobi, Kenya

Project Audit Services in Nairobi, Kenya

21 Jun, 2016 10:27 AM

Most organisations rarely have the time or opportunity to sit back and thoroughly review their internal processes and controls during their projects. That’s why Delyde and Associates is here for you.

We provide expert project audits for organisations so that they can improve their efficiency, reduce risk and ultimately take your organisation to the next level.

We have highly skilled and experienced team members, who undertake a detailed analysis of the projects and advise on any time, cost or quality risks or weaknesses. We advise on the methods that most effectively reduce any significant risks. Furthermore we have an extensive database that allows us to supply our client with live cost information for any project, in any sector, regardless of scale.

No matter the type of project you’re having, come to us and we will audit your project, as we make sure that your investment in the developing project is being protected.

For our services dial +254733606747 or +254202653994

Project Audit Project Audit Services

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DeLyde Associates - Budgeting Advice Service Providers in Nairobi, Kenya

Budgeting Advice Service Providers in Nairobi, Kenya

13 Jun, 2016 4:42 PM

By taking charge of your money, whether you have a little or a lot, you will ease money stress and feel more secure and in control.

At Delyde Associated Ltd we provide the most effective advice to our clients given one-on-one by our qualified budgeter adviser. This advice is confidential and non-judgmental to the people experiencing hardship, difficulties managing debt and also other social issues which brings impact to their finances.

We help our clients manage their money to be able to save it and not to use it aimlessly. We do not take control of your money. We provide a fresh detailed approach by working alongside you.

Our aim is for people to become self-empowered, to self manage their own financial affairs and create a brighter future for them.

If you need advice, give our budgeting service a call by dialing 0733606747 or 02026553994

Budgeting Advice Services Budgeting Advice

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DeLyde Associates - Dependable Recruitment Firm In Nairobi, Kenya

Dependable Recruitment Firm In Nairobi, Kenya

30 May, 2016 5:19 PM

Looking for a recruitment firm that will help you find qualified personnel to come to your firm to work for you? Search no more than Delyde & Associates.

With reputation of being reliable, affordable and having a solid performance history we will give you what you need. Whether you want to recruit permanent full-time employees, permanent part-time employees or temporary or contract employees, we will do it for you.

We will carefully match your requirement with the most qualified candidates and ensure that your organizational needs are meet.

It doesn’t matter if you are an employee or employer we will get you what you need.

Recruitment Firm Recruitment Firm In Nairobi Kenya

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