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Bilco Engineering is the leading manufacturers of Spun Concrete Pipes and Precast Concrete Products in Nairobi. Bilco Engineering experts have more than 40 years experience in producing High Quality Concrete Products, some of which include: Manhole Covers, Fencing Posts, Slabs, Plain Paving Slabs, Flower Pots, Concrete Seats and Non-Slip Paving Slabs.

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Bilco Engineering - OUTDOOR CONCRETE BENCHES in Nairobi, Kenya


26 Apr, 2021 4:43 PM

Outdoor Concrete Benches and Seats, Garden Concrete Benches and Seats that are 6’ -1.8M long are all available at an affordable rate from Bilco Engineering, off Baba Dogo Road, Ruaraka Nairobi, Kenya. They are available in different color options - Gray, Rustic, White, and are molded in contemporary, traditional, classical style and can be placed on terraces, conservatory or garden rooms.

Our Outdoor and Garden Concrete Benches withstands the test of time, are incredibly durable and unlike other materials such as wood which tends to rot in bad weather, you'll find that concrete benches are almost never damaged.

Contact us – Bilco Engineering

0772 608227, 0733 314009

Outdoor Concrete Benches Garden Concrete Benches Outdoor Concrete Seats Garden Concrete Seats Concrete Garden Furniture Concrete Outdoor Furniture Gray Garden Concrete Bench White Outdoor Concrete Bench Rustic Garden Concrete Bench Nairobi Ruaraka Kenya

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Bilco Engineering - Concrete Paving Slab in Nairobi

Concrete Paving Slab in Nairobi

06 May, 2020 7:32 PM

Quality plain and pattern CONCRETE PAVING SLABS of different inches, millimeters, kilograms, styles, and colours available at Bilco EngineeringLtd in Ruaraka Nairobi, Kenya.

Concrete paving slabs offer an attractive alternative to natural stone paving. To fully appreciate our concrete paving, you need to see as you discover more that will provide the focal point for your garden makeover.

Simply call Bilco Engineering in Ruaraka Nairobi, Kenya;
0772 608227 or 0733 314009

Concrete Paving Slabs Concrete Garden Paving Slabs Nairobi Kenya Concrete Products

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Bilco Engineering - Concrete Products in Nairobi

Concrete Products in Nairobi

11 Apr, 2019 10:13 AM

Bilco Engineering in Nairobi, Kenya manufactures the following high strength, best quality, long lasting concrete products as required by our customers; Concrete Pipes, Concrete Ogee Pipes, Concrete Half Round Ogee Pipes, Concrete Spigot Pipes, Concrete Socket Pipes, Concrete Back Drops, Concrete Y Junction, Concrete Saddles, Concrete Manhole Products, Concrete Manhole Rings, Concrete Manhole Cover Slabs, Concrete Manhole Covers, Concrete Drainage Products, Concrete Gulley Pots, Concrete Gulley Pot Covers, Concrete Invert Block Drains, Concrete Side Slabs, Concrete Shallow Drains, Concrete Road Products, Concrete Paving Products, Concrete Road Kerbs, Concrete Road Channels, Concrete Paving Slabs, Concrete Wall Products, Concrete Piller Products, Concrete Lover Vent Blocks, Concrete Wall Coppings, Concrete Piller Caps, Concrete Window Cills, Concrete Fencing Posts, Concrete Marker Posts, Concrete Indicator Posts, Balustrades, Concrete Communication Manhole, Concrete Flower Pots, Concrete Garden Furniture.

We have the highest production capability of concrete products within Kenya. We are committed to being the leading supplier of concrete and related products in Kenya.

Contact us today on 0772 608227 or 0733 314009 for high strength, best quality, long lasting concrete products. You can as well visit our factory in Ruaraka, Baba Dogo Road, Nairobi, Kenya.

Concrete Pipes Concrete Ogee Pipes Concrete Half Round Ogee Pipes Concrete Spigot Pipes Concrete Socket Pipes Concrete Back Drops Concrete Y Junction Concrete Saddles Concrete Manhole Products Concrete Manhole Rings Concrete Manhole Cover Slabs Concrete Manhole Covers Concrete Drainage Products Concrete Gulley Pots Concrete Gulley Pot Covers Concrete Invert Block Drains Concrete Side Slabs Concrete Shallow Drains Concrete Road Products Concrete Paving Products Concrete Road Kerbs Concrete Road Channels Concrete Paving Slabs Concrete Wall Products Concrete Piller Products Concrete Lover Vent Blocks Concrete Wall Coppings Concrete Piller Caps Concrete Window Cills Concrete Fencing Posts Concrete Marker Posts Concrete Indicator Posts Balustrades Concrete Communication Manhole Concrete Flower Pots Concrete Garden Furniture Nairobi Kenya Ruaraka Baba Dogo Affordable Concrete Products

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Bilco Engineering - Concrete Fencing Posts in Nairobi, Kenya

Concrete Fencing Posts in Nairobi, Kenya

04 Apr, 2019 9:57 AM

We manufacture and supply a comprehensive array of high quality Concrete Fencing Posts, Concrete Fencing Poles in customized and standard specifications, and are available at affordable, reasonable prices.

Our concrete fencing posts are robust, durable option for building projects, no risk of ground rot, uniform finish along the finish line with preformed holes. The concrete fencing posts pass through rigorous testing to ensure excellent rigidity, long life, and accuracy in terms of designs as well as dimensions.

If you need a fence that will last longer, order your concrete fencing posts today from Bilco Engineering in Ruaraka, Nairobi Kenya.
Contacts: 0772 608227, 0733 314009

Concrete Fencing Posts Concrete Fencing Poles Affordable Fencing Posts in Nairobi Concrete Posts For Fencing Nairobi Kenya Ruaraka

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Bilco Engineering - Concrete Fencing Products in Kenya

Concrete Fencing Products in Kenya

13 Jun, 2017 12:55 PM

Bilco Engineering specialises in manufacturing and supplying of high quality concrete fencing post.

Our concrete fencing posts are reinforced with steel to the required specifications and are available from stock in different sizes.

For more information, contact Bilco Engineering on 0772 608227, 0733 314009

Concrete Posts Concrete Products

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