Badogo Art Bone

Construction, Graphics, Branding & Supplies Specialists in Kisumu, Kenya
Along Kisumu - Nairobi Highway, Mowlem Kisumu

Badogo Art Bone is fully committed to customer success and delivering excellent, top-quality Construction, Design, Graphics, Branding and Marketing Services in Kisumu, Kenya. We are specialist Construction Services Providers in Architectural Designs, Printing & Decorations, and
General Building Repair & Maintenance

Our Print Services include General Printing of Accounting Books, Letter Heads, Fliers
Brochures, Calendars, Diaries, Business Cards, Notebooks, Caps, Banners, and T-Shirts ,

Our Graphics portfolio includes branding of promotional products, such as: Cups, Bags, Plates, Pens, Envelopes and 2D & 3D Signage

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Badogo Art Bone

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