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Autoscope International Ltd - Car Tracking Services in Kenya

15 Mar, 2018 10:56 AM

Contact Autoscope International Ltd, a premier car tracking company in Nairobi Kenya offering reliable GPS car tracking solutions.

Autoscope International Ltd offers a range of vehicle tracking devices for personal and business use. Our GPS tracking devices for cars provide a wealth of information you can use to improve your business. When you track your company cars, vehicles, you receive regular updates on vehicle location, speed, and direction of travel. Our Real-time car tracking devices report location every few minutes, which allows you to view the vehicle’s location, direction, and speed. When you make the decision to purchase a GPS tracking system for your fleet, you want to be confident that the system will work as described from the moment you install it.

Autoscope International Ltd is a certified GPS car, vehicle tracking company-this means that we offer GPS vehicle tracking systems that are certified. Because of our certification, you can use Autoscope International Ltd's products with confidence, knowing that your products will work as intended 24/7.

Get GPS car trackers to improve the efficiency of your business, contact Autoscope International Ltd on 0715 449771 or 0700 217628.

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