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Wabera Street, City House, 5th Floor, Rm No. 1, City Centre Nairobi

Aaran Drilling Company Ltd is a borehole drilling company that provides drilling services and equipment for both private and corporate companies.

These services include: Borehole Drilling, Water Pump Installation, Water Tank Contractors, Structural Steel Tanks & PVC Contractors and Pump Testing.

Our team comprises of Water Engineers and Structural Engineers who are responsible for administering drilling and service contracts, engineering design, the planning of wells and supervising the drilling crew on site.

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Aaran Drilling Company Ltd - Borehole Drilling Services

Borehole Drilling Services

04 Jul, 2017 9:33 AM

Aaran Drilling Co Ltd is a borehole drilling company based in Nairobi Kenya, offering its services across the country and beyond.

We drill Irrigation Boreholes, Domestic/Household boreholes, Livestock boreholes, Industrial process boreholes and General agricultural boreholes.

Following initial discussion and site surveying, our modern hydraulic drilling rigs, crewed by highly trained and experienced staff, can be mobilised at client’s requests.

We design all boreholes and water wells but when necessary, we consult other specialists to ensure our job is well done.

For more information, contact us on +254 722 720887 or +254 719 624625

Borehole Drilling Services Borehole Drilling Contractors

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Aaran Drilling Company Ltd

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