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Supply and Services Ltd is a preferred company in providing quality, reliable transportation services, dental equipment, building and construction materials in the construction world based in Nairobi.

Get all your medical, trucks, sands, trailers, ballast, cement and dental consumables needs from supply and Services Ltd.

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Supply & Services Ltd - Why Concrete Is Important In Construction Works

Why Concrete Is Important In Construction Works

08 Aug, 2016 10:46 AM

Using concrete to construct your home or business building, makes your structure durable. Here are some of the reasons why concrete is a must use construction material:
• Makes buildings durable by making them rust, rot and fire resistant. The lifespan of buildings constructed using concrete triples that of houses build using mud or even wood.

• Homes built with concrete walls, foundations and floors are highly energy efficient because they take advantage of concrete's inherent thermal mass or ability to absorb and retain heat.

• Concrete minimises the effects that produce urban heat islands. Light-colored concrete pavements and roofs absorb less heat and reflect more solar radiation than dark-colored materials such as asphalt, reducing air conditioning demands in the summer.

• It has the ability to retain stormwater because paved surfaces tend to be impervious and can block natural water infiltration into the soil. This creates an imbalance in the natural ecosystem and leads to problems such as erosion, flash floods, water table depletion, and pollution.

• It has a minimal waste because after concrete structures have served its original purpose, the concrete can be crushed and recycled into aggregate for use in new concrete pavements or as backfill or road base.

If you need to be supplied with quality concrete, get in touch with Supply & Service Ltd on +254722856900

Concrete Suppliers Why Concrete Should be Used on Constructed Houses

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Supply & Services Ltd - Suppliers of Quality Medical Products in Nairobi, Kenya

Suppliers of Quality Medical Products in Nairobi, Kenya

29 Jul, 2016 4:45 PM

At Supply and Services Ltd, we are committed to providing you with quality medical supply at the best possible price. With our well trained and experienced staff who receive the best product training in the market.

Our customers benefit from this combined knowledge and experience. Our focus is to consistently exceed expectations for quality, delivery, service, value, responsiveness, and professionalism.

Supply & Services has made a commitment to exceptional, high-quality service in the home medical products field. Over the years, Supply & Services has become a leader in the medical supply and equipment industry.

Suppliers of Quality Medical Products

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Supply & Services Ltd - Advantages of Using Concrete In Construction Works

Advantages of Using Concrete In Construction Works

22 Jul, 2016 4:53 PM

It goes without mentioning that concrete has revolutionised how buildings are constructed in the modern day. Many years back, only semi-permanent buildings were constructed using mud but not anymore.

Bridges, tunnels, dams, sewerage systems, pavements, runways, roads, storey buildings and virtually every other construction work makes use of concrete.

Below are advantages of concrete when used in construction.

• They make structures durable and able to weather natural disasters such as earthquakes and cannot be weakened by moisture, mould or pest.

• It has fire resistance characteristics, therefore, it’s a highly effective barrier to spreading.

• Compared to other materials e.g. steel, concrete is less costly to produce and remains extremely affordable to users.

• CO2 emissions from concrete and cement production are relatively small compared to other building materials. 80% of buildings CO2 emissions are generated not by the production of the materials used in its construction but in the electric utilities of the building over its life-cycle (e.g. lighting, heating, air-conditioning

• It has excellent thermal mass, therefore, concrete walls and floors slow the passage of heat moving through, reducing temperature swings.

If you need to be supplied with locally produced concrete, Supply and Services Ltd will get your order and we will supply it within no time.

You can get in touch with us on +254 +254738202831 +254719247220

Benefits of Using Concrete

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Supply & Services Ltd - Things To Do When Buying Dental Equipment

Things To Do When Buying Dental Equipment

15 Jul, 2016 10:54 AM

Starting your own dental practice is no easy task. Purchasing portable dental equipment for your practice can also be difficult. To make sure you are getting the most out of your money, consider the following tips before diving into the world of dental equipment sales.

• Before making any final decisions and purchasing dental equipment for sale, do as much research as possible on your own first.

• Find a manufacturer of this equipment, who has an established reputation and has been in business for a number of years. For you to avoid buying un-genuine dental equipment and machines.

• Choose quality first - With so many different models and manufacturers to choose from, you want to make sure you’re investing in something of quality that is best for your practice. While some products may do the same function, some perform and last better than others simply because of how they were made.

At Supply &Services we take dental healthcare so seriously that’s why we supply genuine, quality and affordable dental equipment.

If you need us to supply you with our dental equipment or have any inquiries, you can always get in touch with us on +254722856900 or visit us at Electricity house, 8th Floor, Room 814, Harambee Avenue, City Centre.

Dental Equipment Dental Equipment Purchasing tips

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Supply & Services Ltd - Suppliers Of Quality Building Materials In Nairobi, Kenya

Suppliers Of Quality Building Materials In Nairobi, Kenya

01 Jul, 2016 3:58 PM

We supply affordable and quality construction materials suitable for all kind of construction works.

As a leading, building materials supplier in Kenya, We are your one stop solution for all your material needs including, sand, trailers, ballast, cement, concrete blocks and much more. Our team of expertise has vast experience in large-scale construction project management who will always help you in buying the right product at the best price.

Construct your dream home, or posh business premises that are destined to last for long by using our construction materials.

For supply, get in touch with us on +254722856900 or +254724661481

Building Materials Quality Building Materials Suppliers

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Supply & Services Ltd - Affordable Building Material Suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya

Affordable Building Material Suppliers in Nairobi, Kenya

17 Jun, 2016 4:07 PM

The cost of a house directly depends on your source of materials; the finesse and workmanship of a project depends on the quality of materials.

You don’t have to spend much for you to have quality material, get affordable building material from Supply and Services Ltd that will enable you to buy enough material for you to finish your construction project.

We are reliable and honest suppliers of quality building materials in Kenya. Whether you need sand, cement, stone, ballast etc. we have a complete range of genuine construction material.

Contact us on 0722856900 0724661481 and get the right quality and quantity of building material at an affordable price from us.

Affordable Building Material Building Material Suppliers

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Supply & Services Ltd - Quality Building Sand Suppliers in Kenya

Quality Building Sand Suppliers in Kenya

03 Jun, 2016 1:43 PM

Sand is a naturally occurring granular material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles. There are a vast number of sands available on the market with each type of sand possessing particular qualities making them more or less suitable for a particular task.

At Supply and Services Ltd we supply sand for the construction world that is quality made and selected from the best quarry. Our sands are mainly used in the preparation of bricklaying, internal rendering, paving and bedding of pond helping to make your building more durable and firm.

Always remember that building sand must be clean and free from stones and impurities therefore the fineness of the sand determines how smooth the resultant mix will be.

Make sure your construction is quality made by sand purchased with care and attention from a trusted supplier such as Supply and Services.

Building Sand Building Sand Suppliers

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Supply & Services Ltd - Building Materials Transportation Service in Kenya

Building Materials Transportation Service in Kenya

27 May, 2016 1:16 PM

Transportation of building materials needs to be timely and cost-efficient, since price and service quality are crucial factors.

Get experts from Supply and Services Ltd who will provide you with the transportation of your building materials anywhere any time. With our well equip and latest trucks and trailers that have off loading and loading equipment, we can be able to transport every type of material whether its bulky or not.

From huge stones, big wooden logs, large amount of cement etc, we will bring it all to in a perfect condition.

Looking for building material transportation service providers? Look no further than Supply and Service Ltd.

For our services get in touch with us on 0722856900

Building Materials Transportation Service

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Supply & Services Ltd - Construction Materials Suppliers in Nairobi

Construction Materials Suppliers in Nairobi

23 May, 2016 1:09 PM

When constructing a house, it is always wise to use only the best of materials to prevent the house from collapsing in the near future. Most houses collapse after some time because of the substandard building materials used in constructing them.

Here at Supply & Services, we make sure that we only supply quality construction materials that will not only make your building look good when finished, but also durable.

Get construction stones, sand, wood, cement or ceilings from Supply & Services at an affordable rate and be sure to have a building that will remain standing for ages.

You can come to Electricity House or contact us on 254722856900 or 254661481 to order.

Construction Materials Suppliers Construction Materials

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Supply & Services Ltd - Reliable supplier for competitively priced dental consumables

Reliable supplier for competitively priced dental consumables

04 May, 2016 12:47 PM

Contact Supply & Services Ltd for competitively priced range of dental consumables at for both public and private dental clinics and hospitals. We have many year of experience in the industry providing reliable dental consumable supplier for the busy and productive dental practice.

Ensure a smooth operation at your dental clinic or hospital with high quality dental consumable from world leading brand courtesy of Supply & Services Ltd.

dental consumables Suppliers Dental Consumables

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