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    Posted at: 06/03/2011

    The Cat's out of the staff room

    the other day we got half a liter of milk from Naivas ( Kasarani Branch ) supermarket on the way home , as we were entertaining guests for some strange reason the tea turned out quite dilute / light / watered and in the process of apologizing to the guest we volunteered to brew a fresh cup with no water , only with slight improvement , only for one our guests to get us out of our misery and offer an explanation , it seems the staff may be underpaid or not provided staff meals or breaks resulting in the staff at the refrigeration section sipping milk from the plastic mini jerry cans by slyly opening the seal and then topping up with water and returning it for the unsuspecting shopper

    The supplier of Milk needs to be aware of this lest he looses brand loyalty out of no fault in manufacturing

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