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Chemicals & School Supplies Ltd

"Science without conscience is the one's soul perdition"

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Main Office, Chemicals & School Supplies, Kijabe St, City Centre, P.O. Box 60630-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

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Chemicals & School Supplies Ltd. (CSS) is the pioneer in school laboratory and sports supplies.  Started in 1988, it is one of the first private companies in Kenya (and most of East Africa) to support education and welfare of Kenyan children and its environs.  Chemicals & School Supplies Ltd. merged with Sports Center (a company established in the 1970’s to provide sporting goods and equipment) in June 2008 to provide a full solution to all schools, colleges and universities. 

Being primarily a wholesale house, CSS provide optimum cost savings to the end user who can purchase directly from them.  Thriving in importing quality products such as Pyrex, Simax, Hysil, Supertek, Desco, Kartell, Ohaus, Whatman, Dunlop, Sparo amongst many other world renowned brands, we have excelled students in reaching their full potential.

With a large network of clients across east Africa, CSS has benefited in economies of scale with all their products. Importing large quantities had enabled CSS to negotiate better prices from suppliers, which in turn is passed on to the end user by providing them with bigger and better discounts


Product and Services

  • Dustless Chalk
  • Laboratory Chemicals
  • Sports Equipment
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Laboratory Glassware
  • Weighing Balance
  • Laboratory Plasticware
  • Test Paper

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Brands available on Chemicals & School Supplies Ltd

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  • [Image: Sparo Sport]

    Sparo Sport

  • [Image: Dunlop]


  • [Image: Ohaus]


  • [Image: CDH]


  • [Image: Kartell]


  • [Image: Supertek]


  • [Image: Omega]


  • [Image: Borosil]


  • [Image: Johnson]



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