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Africa College Of Aviation & Management

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Head Office, Information House, 2nd & 3rd Flrs, Hakati Rd, CBD, P.O. Box 68119-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

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Africa College of Aviation and Management(ACAM) has attracted branches of highest standing in Aviation Industry and Aviation Training. Some have served with East Africa's best training schools and colleges.


Social, economic, political and technological developments of the 21st Century are so rapid that every organization must review and adjust its systems, structures, strategies and styles of responding to environmental opportunities and threats. Environmental  ircumstances dictate how firms and institutions make use of the available resources. Africa College of Aviation and Management is an old name in Aviation Industry and Management practices. Overtime, brands have to be rebranded, repackaged and trademarked in line with customer tastes and preferences.


For example, East Africa states have now merged through the East Africa Common Markets Protocol to offer a bigger and competitive Market. Kenya through the new constitution has semi autonomous county governance and very soon Africa as a continent is going to have a common unity of purpose in politics, economics, trade and technological benefits. As a college with the vision of serving Africa and the rest of the world we cannot embrace the use of town names and small geographical space as our brand name. One would ask oneself if Kampala College of Aviation is only to serve people residing in Kampala. Likewise, a Nairobi one serving those in Nairobi, although Africa College of Aviation and Management has its head office in Nairobi, it would be against the spirit of Pan Africanism to trade under the symbol of Aviation Nairobi. So rebranding has helped Africa College of Aviation and Management to divorce its City based trading Aviation name to embrace wider Africa as a whole. However, in Nairobi we have been and we are the leading provider of Aviation Training with links to National and Multi-national airlines for practical Aviation Training. We have enlarged and expanded our operations to cover leading towns in Kenya, East Africa and the rest of Africa.



Africa College of Aviation and Management is established to fulfill the following objects;
1.    To spearhead research, training and knowledge extension in the Aviation industry.
2.    To produce competent, skilled and knowledgeable workforce in the Aviation Industry.
3.    To narrow the gap between the needs of Aviation Industry and centre of excellence in Aviation Training.
4.    To integrate Aviation with management while at the same time promoting hospitality and social science.


To ensure that our students and graduands are of higher standing in the labour market we only offer government approved examinations from recognized examination bodies such as KNEC, KASNEB, ICM, CIM, CIPS, ICSS among many others.


Because of our wider market appeal, 75% of our graduands picks up employment within the first six (6) months of graduating and 25% close to join the informal sector through self employment.


However, 95% of the students are connected to firms and parastatals for attachment and/or industrial placement.


Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays


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